česky Stanislav Barek


Stanislav Barek
Tel.: +420 311 678 916
Mobil: +420 606 671 883
e-mail: standa.barek@volny.cz


The group ARIONAS was founded in 2005 by three musicians:
Martha Elefteriadu (singing)
Persian singer Shahab Tolouie (singing, guitar, Persian setar) and
Stanislav Barek (guitar),
who met by chance in 2004 at the same performance, but performing at that time with different groups.



The group is based on mixing two great voices of Martha Elefteriadu´s and Shahab Toloiue´s. The exotic origin of both singer is reflected in their voices. The two voices are creating unrepeatable expressive aspect in Greek, Persian and Spanish songs which they are singing. It will probably not be possible to find such an unusual harmony of two voices anywhere in our country, and perhaps in the world. Their singing is accompanied by delicate sound of two guitars.

As both guitar players are also good instrumentalists who play together in a group called Pena Flamenca, it will therefore be possible to also hear a flamenco guitar. Part of their repertory is interpretation of the original Persian songs accompanied by traditional Persian instrument setar.