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Stanislav Barek
Tel.: +420 311 678 916
Mobil: +420 606 671 883
e-mail: standa.barek@volny.cz


The guitar duo Stanislav Barek & Adib Ghali founded in 1989.

Barek & Ghali

They had mostly classical repertory with a few variations of ragtime of Scott Joplin at the beginning. Later the ragtimes prevailed and then their first CD was recorded in 1992 called "Ragtime Guitar and other specialties". CD was well accepted at home and also abroad. Among others, there was a review published in a prestigious American magazine "Guitar Player" and one of the most significant ragtime guitar players Stefan Grossman had appreciated the CD in his personal letter to the authors. In the following years the classical music vanished from their repertory and they started working on the variations of compositions of ragtime and blues played in a style called fingerpicking. This resulted in their second CD called "Beatlemania Rag", which consists of variations of 23 songs of Beatles. The duo has so far been performing in the Czech Republic, Austria and Germany. They performed live in Czech public and private televisions and in German local TV1. They were teaching together at ragtime workshops, e.g. at music school in Weiden and in Freies Musikzentrum in Munich.
The cooperated with Andrea Benzoni (I) and Peppino d´Agostino (I/USA).

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