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Stanislav Barek
Tel.: +420 311 678 916
Mobil: +420 606 671 883
e-mail: standa.barek@volny.cz


The two musicians, Stanislav Barek and Shahab Tolouie were put together by singer Zuzana Navarová at the time when Shahab arrived in Prague with intention to study guitar playing at the Music School of Prague.


Barek & Tolouie

When they met first time and played together, they found out that their styles are very different and it didn´t look like there is any hope for future cooperation. Shahab had studied a flamenco guitar in Spain, and he therefore received an offer from Pena Flamenca to cooperate with them. It was necessary to prepare the first performance very quickly, therefore both guitar players rehearsed the short performance with the dancers and they date their cooperation since then. They started performing with Peña Flamenca, and also as a duo. Since then they date a beginning of their cooperation. Together with famous Czech singer Martha Elefteriadu they recently founded a new group calle Arionas.
Basis of the repertory are Spanish and Persian songs; besides that they are also playing instrumental compositions in a flamenco style. Shahab is also playing Persian string instrument setar which accompanies Persian songs of his own interpretation.