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Stanislav Barek
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Standa Barek

Born 4 July 1955 in Rumburk, region Decín

Guitar Studies
1972 - 1975 private lectures with professor Jirí Jirmal
1975 -1981 Music Schools in Prague and Teplice – lectures with professors Arnošt Sádlík, Václav Vítek and Václav Kucera

Guitar teaching in the Czech Republic
1973 - 1979 Folk School of Art (LŠU) in Rumburk and Šluknov, at the same time a teacher of music at basic school in Šluknov
1979 - 1995 OKD Praha 6
od roku 1995 private teacher of guitar

Guitar teaching in Germany
1987 - 1989 occasional lecturing at intensive guitar courses for beginners at VHS Gummersbach, Droste-Haus Verl and VHS Ritberg
1991 - 1996 Franz-Grothe Schule (town music school) in Weiden
1990 - to date occasional lecturing at intensive guitar courses for beginners as well as advanced players, workshops of classical and ragtime guitar, e.g. VHS Weiden and Freies MusikZentrum Munich

Musical Activities
1979 – 1987 member of Prague choir SMETANA
1986 - 1989 Classical guitar duo with Nikolaj Krestovský - concerts in the Czech Republic and Germany
1989 - to date Guitar duo with Adib Ghali - concerts in the Czech Republic, Austria, Germany and Poland
2003 – to date Group Njorek with Jaroslav Olin Nejezchleba (cello, singing) and Michal Müller (zither, singing)
2004 – to date Duo with Persian musician Shahab Tolouie /Iran/ (singing, guitar, Persian setar)
2004 – to date Together with Shahab Tolouie performing in the group Grupo de Peña
2005 – to date Group Arionas with Shahab Tolouie and singer of Greek origin Martha Elefteriadu

Live Performances in the Media
Television - Czech TV, Prima, Nova, TOP TV, TV 1 Schweinfurt (Germany), Televize Wroclaw
Radio - Czech Radio – Vltava, Radiožurnál, Praha, Regina, German Editor´s Office, British Editor´s Office, Evropa 2, Radio Beat, Country Radio, Bonton

1991 - "Guitar for Self-Learners " (guitar school) – editor Svojtka and Vašut
1992 - "Ragtime Guitar" (variations of some piano ragtimes of Scott Joplin and Jaroslav Ježek for two guitars) – issued together with A. Ghali at editor Svojtka and Vašut
1995 - "GUITAR – school of the guitar playing – basic lecture" - editor Svojtka & Co
1998 - "25 Melodical and Progressive Etudes, op. 60" - Matteo Carcassi (revision) – editor Allegro Prague
1999 - "Voyages of the Czech Guitar" - interview with professor Jirí Jirmal – editor Ekopress

1992 - CD/MC "Ragtime Guitar and other specialties" - SV Records
1996 - CD/MC "Beatlemaniarag - Ragtime Guitar II" - Mars Records s.r.o.
2000 - CD/MC "Romantic guitar" - production and performance on CD of professor J. Jirmal
2005 - CD "Njorek" - own issue

Organisational Activities
1991 - Guitar concert for the Committee of the Good Will while Olga Havlová was present, Weiden, Germany
1991 - 1996 - Cooperation at Czech-Bavarian Cultural and Economic Days
1995 - 1997 - Organising of charity concerts at the stairs of Žižkov town hall
1998 – 2005 - Director and dramaturgist of festival GUTAR ACROSS STYLES, cooperation on festival preparation with Pavel Steidel and agency Taktika Muzika.

Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Slovakia