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Stanislav Barek
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Standa BarekBorn 4th July 1955 in Rumburk, Děčín District

Guitar Studies:
1972 – 1981 – studied the guitar both privately and at the Prague and Teplice Music Schools with Professors Jiří Jirmal, Arnošt Sádlík, Václav Vítek and Václav Kučera

Teaching activities in the Czech Republic:
1973 – 1979 – People's School of Art (LŠU) in Rumburk and Šluknov; at the same time I worked as a music teacher at an elementary school in Šluknov
1979 – 1995 – Prague 6 District House of Culture
1995 – private guitar tutor

Teaching activities abroad:
1987 – 2005 – occasional lectures and workshops for beginners at the VHS Gummersbach, Droste-Haus Verl and VHS Rietberg
1991 – 1996 – Franz-Grothe Schule (municipal music school) in Weiden i. d. Opf.
1990 – 2008 – occasional teaching of intensive guitar courses for beginners and advanced players, classical and ragtime guitar workshops at the VHS Weiden and Freies Musik Zentrum, Munich
2012 – workshop – ragtime guitar – Los Mochis, Mexico
2015 – workshops – Almaty Conservatory, Kazakhstan

Music Activities:
1971 – 1973 – member of the Prague choirs MIKROCHOR and AKADEMIACHOR
1979 – 1988 – member of the Prague choir SMETANA
In the 80s I formed the rock bands Tvůj problém and Milé Tváře.
1987 – 1989 – classical guitar duo with Nikolaj Krestovský
1989 – present – guitar duo with Adib Ghali. Together with Adib Ghali, I collaborated with Italian guitarist Andrea Benzoni, Welsh guitarist Dylan Fowler, American guitarist Woody Mann, American-Italian guitarist Peppino D’Agostinno and Australian guitarist Tommy Emmanuel
2003 – present – member and founder of the group NJOREK together with Jaroslav Olin Nejezchleba (cello) and Michal Müller (zither). The group specializes in rearrangements and reinterpretations of folk music.
2004 – present – collaboration with Iranian guitarist Shahab Tolouie as part of Duo Persepolis specializing in Persian music and flamenco. Occasional collaboration with the band Grupo de Peňa 
2005 – present – member of the group Arionas together with Shahab Tolouie and Martha Elefteriadu, a singer of Greek origin. The group plays Persian, Greek and Spanish music.
2010 – present – member of a duo with Viktor Mazáček, a violinist with the Czech Philharmonic. The duo plays classical music – Henry Purcell, Ferdinando Carulli, Nicolo Paganini, as well as its own compositions.

Solo concerts throughout.

Live performances in the media
Television – Czech Television, Prima, Nova, TOP TV, TV 1 Schweinfurt (Germany), Televize Wroclaw (Poland)
Public radio and television in Kazakhstan
Radio – Czech Radio (Vltava, Radiožurnál, Praha, Regina), the German and English sections, Evropa 2, Radio Beat, Country Radio, Bonton, Radio Ethno

Newspapers and magazines
Interviews, reviews and articles in various newspapers and magazines published in the Czech Republic, Germany, Mexico, Poland, and the USA. For example: Guitar Player(USA), Musikblatt(Germany), Rock & Pop (CZ) and others.

1991 – Guitar for Autodidacts (guitar school) – published by Svojtka & Vašut
1992 – Ragtime Guitar (Scott Joplin’s and Jaroslav Ježek’s piano ragtimes rearranged for two guitars) – published in cooperation with A. Ghali by Svojtka & Vašut
1995 – GUITAR basic guitar lessons – published by Svojtka & Co
1998 – 25 Melodic and Progressive Etudes, op. 60 Matteo Carcassi (revision) – published by Allegro Prague
1999 – Ways of the Czech Guitar an interview with Professor Jiří Jirmal – published by

1988 – MC Barek and Krestovský – self-released
1992 1992 – CD/MC Ragtime Guitar and Other Specialties – SV Records
1996 – CD/MC Beatlemaniarag – Ragtime Guitar II – Mars Records s.r.o.
2000 – CD/MC Romantic Guitar – produced and recorded with Professor Jirmal
2005 –
CD Njorek – self-released
2008 – CD Persepolis – self-released
2012 – showcase CD Minimal Hope – self-released
2013 – CD Nokturno – music by the composer Prof. Vadim Petrov – production and release
2016 – CD Stanislav Barek & Friends – self-released

Organizational activities:
1991 – guitar concert in support of the Good Will Committee on the occasion of Olga Havlová’s visit in Weiden, Germany
1991 – 1996 – member of the Czech-Bavarian team organizing the Czech-Bavarian Culture and Business Festival
1995 – 1997 – organized benefit concerts at the stairs of the Žižkov Town Hall in support of the Good Will Committee
1998 – present – manager and producer of the international music festival GUITAR ACROSS STYLES.  As part of the festival, I produced large concerts such as: Paco de Lucia & band at the Prague Congress Centre, John McLaughlin and Shakti at the Smetana Hall, Vicente Amigo & band at the Smetana Hall and Hybernia, Tomatito & band at the Smetana Hall and Hybernia, Tommy Emmanuel at Hybernia, Lucerna Great Hall, the Holiday in Telč festival etc.
2005 – Czech Guitar Legends – a special concert by the Czech guitar legends Professors Jiří Jirmal and Milan Zelenka
2004 – 2010 – collaboration on the “Women rebels of the Czech music scene” concert series
2008 – 2011 – produced the “Acoustic Guitar Concert” festival for the Prague 5 District
2011 – an exciting concert by Tommy Emmanuel & band as part of his Acoustic & Electric Tour at the Lucerna Great Hall
2005 – present – member of the UNION OF AUTHORS AND PERFORMERS
2014 – 2015 – member of the Committee of the Czech Music Council

Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Mexico, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, and the USA.

A concert of special note – in 1996, I performed my own rearrangement, featuring my own cadence, of “Eleonor Rigby” by The Beatles for solo guitar and symphony orchestra at the Max-Reger Halle in Weiden, Germany.