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Kytara napříč žánry

The festival "Guitar across Styles" was founded in 1998. The reason of its founding was lack of guitar festival in Prague, in a town which gave us in last 30 year several concert guitar players who truly belong to the world´s best.

Since there are already festivals in the Czech Republic which present only classical music, the idea was to organise a festival which would introduce several kinds of music played in different styles on different acoustic guitars.

Besides the top guitar players from various countries in the world, the students of guitar schools have a chance to introduce themselves and perform at this festival.

The concerts are held in different venues mostly in Prague, but also in other cities of the Czech Republic and Germany.

The founder and until today the main dramaturgist is Stanislav Barek. Famous guitar player Pavel Steidl is also taking part in dramaturgy of the festival.


More information on www.kytaranapriczanry.cz

Kytara napříč žánryKytara napříč žánryKytara napříč žánry