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Stanislav Barek
Tel.: +420 311 678 916
Mobil: +420 606 671 883
e-mail: standa.barek@volny.cz


The Group NJOREK was established in spring 2003 and has been performing since November in this composition:
Jaroslav "Olin" Nejezchleba – cello, singing
Michal Müller – zither, singing
Stanislav Barek – guitar, singing


The main purpose of founding this group was utilising the experience of Jaroslav Nejezchleba from his adolescent period when he was a member of the cymbalo group „Písecan“. Essential member of groups Marsyas and E.t.c. was singing Moravian songs at various parties and in pubs. These songs became a base for the group´s repertory. All three members are very close to rock and blues, and that is why the songs are not performed in their original style, but based on the personal feelings of the musicians themselves. New songs with ethnical roots are being developed by mixing different musical styles. Needless to say that such songs are not usual in Czech (and neither in the World´s) musical environment. Unlike other groups who are playing this type of music, Njorek plays acoustically. The repertory is enriched by other nations´ songs, as well as by the records of the authors.