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Amparo Nuñez
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Stanislav Barek
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Peña Flamenca

It is a group which engages in live performance and flamenco dance teaching. The founding member and choreograph was Amparo Nunez, a Latin American professional dancer. The group was founded in 2003. Since then they performed at important events, in TV programmes, in films and in their own full-length performances. Peña Flamenca visits the cradle of flamenco – Spain – and gets there their inspiration and experience which are then utilised in the performances and lectures. Artists from Spain who lead the lectures of flamenco are also part of the Peña Flamenca performances and events. During their performance it is possible to see typical Spanish dance Sevillanas, furthermore dances such as Bulerias, Alegrias, Tangos or Rumbas plus of course Fandango accompanied by castanuelas. The dancers are accompanied by guitars or recorded music. The performance is either a composition of short demonstration of various dances, or a 20 to 40-minute show. The whole choreography is created by Peña Flamenca.