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Stanislav Barek
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Fatal Ragtimes

director: Eliška Cvrcková-Skarkeová, Stanislav Barek
author and choreograph: Eliška Cvrcková-Skarkeová
Stanislav Barek – guitar
Adib Ghali – guitar
Eliška Cvrcková-Skarkeová – pantomime, dance
Vojta Vlasák – pantomime, dance
During the tours of the world with our programs we managed to meet people and get know their national charakteristics and fates. It has inspired us to make unique show of live guitar music combined with pantomime and expressive dance. Music and motion is equivalent partner in our show. We hope that we will amuse you and maybe we will edify you a little bit same as we did it in countries, where we have our fatal ragtimes put on. So let yourself to run away with atmosphere of guitar tones and comedic and also harmonious movements of protagonist.SB & Eliška Cvrcková-Skarkeová